2017 Road Trip - Vancouver BC

Last Updated: 19 May 2017





We will be there earlier to hand out tokens so that you can go and have a coffee.
Cost for the road trip is $360.00
Registration is at the Naden Gym Kiosk.
You can sign up yourself and one other person. You have to have that persons card with you to prove that he/she is a member.

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2017-18 Application Process is OPEN

Last Updated: 09 April 2017




Thanks you for your patience while we switched over our applications process. It will be similar as before where you apply online and then will wait for the Membership Executives to send you back by email two pdf's that you will need to print, sign and bring to the KIOSK for payment. This year we have added a Code of Conduct letter that also needs to be printed and signed.

Please note as always if you are an associate member your sponsor will have to accompany you to the Kiosk.

The CFBEGA 2017-18 membership application is available under the memberships tab of our website or by clicking HERE

Message From the President

Last Updated: 31 October 2016



Dear CFBEGA members,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the bulk of this year’s golfing season. The lower Vancouver Island good weather allowed us to start golf early, participation and number of rounds played by our members is at a record level. That said, as we are fortunate to live in an area where golf courses are open year round, I encourage our members to continue using membership privileges and keep playing more golf.

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Bear Mountain - Mountain Course Cart Path ONLY

Last Updated: 13 March 2017



**Important Notice for Mountain Course Players**

* Golf carts are restricted to cart paths only beginning August 22nd. 

* Effective immediately restricted landing zones have been implemented on most fairways. These areas are clearly marked and we ask that golf balls landing in this area be removed and hit from outside the ropes.

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