Proposal for Constitution Amemdments 2017/2018

Last Updated: 02 November 2017
Proposal for AMENDMENTS - MS Word Copy available HERE

 The Association Executive reviewed the present Constitution dated 6 December 2016. Recommended changes to be presented to the membership at the AGM on 7 December 2017 is described below:

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Winter Rates - Nov 1st 2017

Last Updated: 10 October 2017



Winter rates for CFBEGA is 1 November – 31 March. Our pro-rated fee structure is as follows:

· Regular membership - $10
· Ordinary membership - $11
· Associate membership - $15

Also visit the tab "Golf Courses" for winter pricing on green fees.




Last Updated: 11 September 2017




DAY 1 Results HERE

DAY 2 Results HERE


There was an error in the scoring in the Ladies Club Championship. Due to the honesty of Ms.Gardener the correct scores have been tallied and we are pleased to annouce Ms.Sandy Bate as the low ladies Gross and Net this season. Well done to all who braved the weather at Arbutus Ridge on Saturday and participated in this event as wel as the organizers for thinking outside the box and offering us a day day event..

Day 1 – Olympic View Golf Course

Day 2 – Arbutus Ridge Golf Course

Benefits of Golfers posting Hole-by-hole scores

Last Updated: 22 June 2017



When golfers are posting scores to the Golf Canada Score Centre, they have two options to choose from:
1.     Gross Adjusted/Total Score – this requires the golfer to make all their adjustments for ESC and then tally the score to post it into the system.
2.     Hole-by-hole (HBH) Score – this lets the golfer post the actual score they made on each hole and the system does the ESC adjustments for them based on their current Course Handicap.

The HBH method is great for new golfers who don’t yet have a Handicap Factor, or just don’t feel comfortable making the ESC adjustments because the system does all the work for them.

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