Notes from the Exec (Oct 2014)

Last Updated: 05 November 2014


2) We had some members comes forward with some concerns on how the prizes were distributed at the CFBEGA Championship. Before I get into how and why there were two catagories for the prizes, I just wanted to put out of a big thanks to Kirk and Storm'n Norman (Cowichan Golf Course), for doing an excellent job of getting all those prizes together in such a short time period. This year PSP, thru the Base Sponships and Donation Fund, donated to CFBEGA money that could be used for prizes. With this money came some stipulations on how the money was to be spent and distributed, and one of those stipulations was the money was to only be spent on military members (CFBEGA Regular membership). This put CFBEGA into a tough position, as we firmly believe that EVERY member of the association should be treated equally. So to take advantage of funds made available to us, CFBEGA came up with a method of ensuring the PSP funds were spent within their guidelines, and then we used CFBEGA funds (from membership dues, and other revenue), to provide prizes for non-military members. Kirk ensured that the monetary values of each of the prizes were as close to equal as resonably possible. We do acknowledge that the system we used created a perception that there was two "levels" of prizes, but that is strictly a perception, and the prizes were all of similar value. If you have any further questions about this matter, then please feel free to contact myself, Carl, or Kirk.

3) Members of the association are reminded proper golf etiquette is a expected, of all members, at all times. Members are also reminded that they are responsible for any damages created to the golf course, golf equipment, and properties that are near golf courses. Failure to take responsibility for damages may lead to the revoking of your membership from the association, and any actions brought forward from the golf course. (repair charges, and possible fines) Home owners that live near golf courses maybe also take actions against golfers for damages done to their property. (charges, small claims court etc). For anyone who would like a review of golf etiquette, this link has some good guidelines