Last Updated: 22 February 2024

Registration will open for REGULAR and ORDINARY members on March 7th, ASSOCIATE members registration will open on March 21st. Registration and payment will be avalable at Colwood Pacific Activity Centre AND Naden Activity Center this year.

The Associate member's sponsor must be registered and paid up before the application will be approved.  Any Associate applications that are received before March 21st will be deleted and not processed.   For the regular and ordinary members once your membership has been approved do not delay in getting into finalizing and paying for your membership.  With new procedures, the registration procedure could be lengthened due to the new location of registration.  You must be a paid member to register for any CFBEGA event and we don't want you to miss out on one due to members not following through and completing the membership process.


CFBEGA memberships are valid from April 1 until the end of March the following year. You must re-apply every year, or your membership will not remain valid. Previous membership does not guarantee future membership, and a valid sponsor must be listed for dependants and associate members.  Junior dependants (16 Years and under) will be offered FREE membership as long as their parent/legal guardian is a regular or ordinary member.

CFBEGA members may join Golf Canada and BCGA and maintain a handicap online through the Golf Canada handicap system. This can be added for an extra fee of $30 with membership application.

To apply for a CFBEGA membership you must:

  1. Fill out the online application (Selectable from the main menu under the memberships tab)
  2. Membership Directors will vet the application for accuracy and email you the approved application form in a timely manner. Usually within 5-10 business days.
  3. Print the approved application form, print and sign the waiver form. Take the 2 forms to the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre OR Naden Athletic Centre where you can register and pay (They accept cash/debit/major CC's). 
  4. You will receive a sticker for your card for the new year. You must register in person, ie, you cannot sign up another member unless previously arranged with the membership director.

That’s it! If you are a new member when you register they will take your photo for your CFBEGA identification card.

CFBEGA has three membership categories:

       * Families to include the member’s spouse, common-law partner, or child (up to the age of 18, or 26 if attending full time university or school – can reside at the university or home) normally residing with the member at the member’s place of duty or who, if living separately, is doing so for work related or military reasons. 

Please note: during the registration process you'll be requested to have proof of your relationship to the Canadian military community. 

1. Regular Members: 

The following are eligible for regular membership: CAF members and their families; former CAF members and their families; and foreign military members serving with the CAF and their families. A special communication effort is required to effectively include reserve units CAF members and their families.

2. Ordinary Members:

The following persons are eligible for Ordinary Membership: Current DND Public Servants, NPF Staff, MFRC Staff, staff of DRDC and DCC, currently serving Honorary Colonel/Captains (N), Honorary Lieutenant Colonel/Commanders. Former DND Public Servant, former NPF/MFRC staff in receipt of an annuity. Families of the aforementioned personnel are also eligible to apply for Ordinary memberships.

3. Associate membership:

Subject to the approval of the Base Commander, any person not specified in subparagraphs 1 or 2, or who has some form of business or professional association with DND may be invited to become an associate member. Associate membership shall be for one year with no guarantee of renewal for a further one-year term.

The following conditions apply:

Membership applications will be vetted by the CFBEGA executive for eligibility prior to the prospective associate member attending CPAC to pay their membership fee and having their photo taken for the ID card i.e. the executive will vet/authorize, CPAC issues ID card and takes membership fee.

Membership fees for 2024/25 are as follows:

  • Regular Members (military)        - $40.00
  • Ordinary Members (civilian)       - $60.00
  • Associate Members                  -$145.00

Golf Canada/BCGA Membership (optional) $30.00 (includes membership, and access to Golf Canada's online handicap system). You must be a member of CFBEGA in order to be eligible. 

When you are signing up please consider supporting Golf Canada by adding a membership to Golf Canada for $30, this is half price for CFBEGA members only.  There are so many more benefits than just maintaining an official handicap (used in our Club Championship) such as:

  • Up to $2,500 reimbursement for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment
  • Up to $1,000 for any travel-related incidents
  • Up to $2,500 for golf cart-related accidents
  • Up to $1,000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing a window
  • Personalized equipment ID labels so you never lose a club again
  • Get an Official Handicap Index through the new World Handicap System
  • Access the Golf Canada Score Centre to post your scores and track your stats
  • Follow other golfers, achieve badges for bragging rights, and more
  • Free access to online Rules of Golf education that explains procedures for commonly encountered situations on the course

Most importantly

  • Membership dues are reinvested into Grow the Game programs
  • Support Canadian youth as they learn life skills that are acquired through golf