2020-21 Membership Application is open

Last Updated: 16 March 2020

Our application process has changed slightly again this year hopefully again for the better. Here are a few changes you will see.

PLEASE NOTE: Associate Memberships will not be processed until March 24th 2020 to ensure regular and ordinary applications are processed first.

1. PSP has asked for a little more information than before. (address and birthdate. We have adjusted the birthdate so it should be error proof)
2. When you hit "SUBMIT" at the end of your application you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the association so no second piece of paper is required now.
3. It will be similar as before where you apply online and then will wait for the Membership Executives to send you back by email a pdf that you will need to print and bring to the KIOSK for payment.
4. Please note as always if you are an associate member your sponsor will have to accompany you to the Kiosk.
5. NOTE: All PSP membership cards will look the same. The golf association will have its own unique identifier.

Again have patience and when you see Membership Executives Peter Rees and Larry Major thank them for their efforts for making this a better more secure process and for their continual hours of volunteer time throughout the year but especially during this busy time.

This process can take from 7-10 days this time of year so don't wait until 31 Mar to join for your April 1st tee time.

The CFBEGA 2020-21 membership application is available under the memberships tab of our website or by going HERE