CFBEGA Match Play Championship (AGM Proposal 2014)

Last Updated: 05 November 2014


1st Annual CFBEGA Match Play Championship

  1. The field size will be limited to the first thirty-two (32) registered and paid players. This is on first come, first serve basis.
  2. The registration dates will be from 1 March 2015 – 15 April 2015. Initial matches will be set by 17 April 2015.
  3. All players must have a handicap. Players who do not have the minimum amount of rounds to establish a handicap index will be assigned a zero (0) handicap index.
  4. RCGA rules govern all play except where local rules apply.
  5. Players must play an 18-hole event. If playing a 9-hole course (Metchosin for example) players must play it twice and indicate the 1st 9 holes and the 2nd 9 holes.
  6. Scorecards are to be signed and submitted to the Secretary as soon as possible to facilitate the next round.
  7. If there is a discrepancy for a ruling the player is to play 2 balls (or more) under each possible ruling then confirm with the proshop after the round.
  8. Verbally conceding a shot/putt/hole/match is verbally binding.
  9. In the event of a match All-Square after 18 holes winner will be determined by the score on the #1 handicap hole working towards the easiest hole. If Player B had conceded that hole, Player A automatically wins.
  10. This is a double-elimination tournament. If you lose 2 matches you are out of the tournament. You can lose the first match and win every match afterwards and be the champion. To see the layout of the brackets go to

Determining handicap (Olympic View used as example):

    1. Player A has a handicap index of 5.4. This gives him a course handicap of 6 off the white tees. Therefore he is allowed 1 addition stroke on each of the 6 hardest holes compared to a player that has a course handicap of 0.
    2. Player B has a handicap index of 23.7. This gives him a course handicap of 27 off the white tees. Therefore he is allowed 2 additional strokes on each of the 9 hardest holes and 1 additional stroke on the 9 easiest holes.
    3. If Player A were to compete against Player B then Player B would have 2 additional strokes on each of the 3 hardest holes and 1 additional stroke on the 15 easiest holes.


Cost of Registration

There are currently multiple suggestions for cost and you will have the option for you input with the selections below and there will be a formal discussion and vote at the AGM on 2 Dec 2014 in the Rainbow Room at the Chiefs & Petty Officers Mess at 1630.

  1. $20 entry fee (covers cost of trophy plus prizes for top 3 players – potentially prizes for all depending on voting at AGM)
  2. $40 entry fee (covers cost of trophy, prizes, and end of year luncheon to present trophy and prizes).
  3. $80 entry (covers cost of trophy, prizes, round of golf, cart, buffet lunch, warm-up balls at Olympic View tentatively scheduled for 6 October 2015) Note: To complete the required matches and be able to have the “Championship Round” take place on the above date there is requirement to play a match every 3-4 weeks.