Booking your Tee Time at Olympic View

Last Updated: 22 April 2020


·     Bookings must be made by phone only.

·     All tee times are to be made by phone starting at 2:00 pm three days ahead.(2:00 pm is defined as 2:00 pm on your cell phone) IE. Monday for Thursday.

·     All phone calls MUST press 1 and not dial the extension directly as the extension will not work to the phone in the satellite Golf Shop.

·     Bookings must be made with a Golf Shop Attendant and not by a voice mail.

·     Tee times will be 15 minutes intervals.

·     18 hole tee times will start at 8:00 am until 1:45 pm. 9 hole tee times range from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The facility will be closed and gates locked at 6:30 pm.

·     Twilight members may book for tee times after 1:00 pm

·     The booking may only be made by one person who will be responsible for the group called the group “Captain”. (See responsibilities below)

·     Groups will not be paired up so singles may put their names on a waiting list and depending on a groups comfort level MAY be allowed to join. Golf Shop Attendant will co-ordinate with a groups Captain.

·     People may not book in person or show up without a time. If you do not have a reserved tee time do not come to the Golf Course.

The “Group Captain”

·     This is the person making the tee time and is agreeing to take responsibility for the actions of their group. This person is responsible for:

·     Everyone in the group is in good health before starting.

·     Booking the tee time, ensuring all players names are reserved and making any changes to the booking.

·     Ensuring that all players know to arrive no more than 20 minutes before the tee time.

·     Checking in for the entire group at the Refreshment Center.

·     Ensure the group tees off at their reserved time. Not before or after.

·     Ensuring that social distancing of 2 meters is adhered to at all times between each other and other groups

·     Ensuring that there is only one person using the Power Cart at ANY TIME including between holes. Failure to comply will result in immediately being asked to leave the Golf Course.

·     If you are in a 9 hole tee time your group plays only 9 holes and leaves within a reasonable amount of time after completion of the round.

Checking In

·     Please consider driving only yourself to the golf course (unless with a family member from the same household) to ensure physical distancing is respected and providing continued safety for all our patrons.

·     The clubhouse will be closed to all Members and Guests. Check in will be at the Refreshment Center. Physical distancing of 2 meters is required at all times.

·     The Practice Facility and Putting Greens will be closed at this time.

·     You may only arrive at the golf course 20 minutes prior to your tee time. Your non compliance will lead to you losing your tee time for your group.

·     The booking Captain will be responsible for the players in the group and will check in for the group.

·     The booking Captain must confirm that all players in the group are not sick. This includes cough, fever, and flu like symptoms. People who are not feeling well MUST not be at the Golf Course.

·     Power Cart payments may be made by the individual person at the Refreshment Center window. Please pay on account or tap. Cash will not be accepted. Tap limit has been increased to $250.

·     To help reduce contact and assist with check-in, Members are being asked to allow their guests to charge their fees to the Member’s account (settle up independently, e-transfer etc).

·     Pull Carts will not be available at this time.

·     Please observe all signs at the facility.

On The Course

·     All players must observe physical distancing of 2 meters at all times while on the golf course.

·     Cups have been raised. Do not touch the flag stick.

·     No hand shakes, fist bumps or any other greeting that would be deemed as inappropriate to respect others space and physical distancing.

·     The groups will start in 15 minute intervals and it is expected that these tee times be strictly adhered. Teeing off early or late could result in the loss of the tee time.

·     There will be staging area by the first tee. Please have only one group wait there until the group ahead has moved away from the first tee.

·     While on the golf course you will agree to keep space between you and other groups. Non compliance will result in being asked to leave immediately.

·     There will only be one person using the the Power Cart at ANY TIME this includes between holes and during play. Non compliance will result in being asked to leave on the first offence.

·     Power Carts will be staged for arrival in front of Golf Shop. After play there will be a cart park area set up by the cart shed. Power Cart riders are asked to park carts in this area and exit to parking lot by the practice facility road.

·     When your golf round is complete, please exit straight to the parking lot and leave for a safe trip home.

We thank you in advance for your patience and support through these ever evolving circumstances. We are doing our best to provide a booking system that will be fair for all our members while limiting number of tee times and following Health Authority guidelines. As we progress, we will make any adjustments that are deemed necessary.

Member and Guest Protocols

It is imperative that Members and their Guests abide by the protocols below as failure to do so will result in the individual(s) being removed from the facility. We must all become socially responsible for our actions and behaviour so golf can remain open for the enjoyment of all, through these challenging times. 

Any players without symptoms of COVID-19 are currently permitted to play golf if they adhere to the following protocols:

·     PRIORITY 1 - Practice physical distancing. Always stay a minimum of 2 meters or 6 feet apart. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

·     Book by phone only, reducing contacts in and around the Clubhouse – (this allows us to make sure every player receives the latest information regarding protocols while at the facility.

·     Change shoes in the parking lot and respect the closed areas of the Clubhouse, as locker rooms will be closed at this time.

·     All players will be required to handle their own clubs from arrival to departure.

·     Power carts will be limited to one rider per cart.

·     Meet on the first tee observing distancing guidelines with modified greetings, nods and waves [No handshakes or high fives etc.]

·     Please carry your own bags as bag drop services will not be available

·     Golfers should only pick their own ball up.

·     Consider carrying your own hand sanitizer and use frequently while at the facility

·     Pull carts will not be available. Please bring your own pull carts.

·     Handle your scorecard only.

·     Public drinking fountains and ball cleaners have either been removed or closed for use, please bring your own towel.

·     Leave the flag in place while putting as holes have been raised to allow for easy retrieval of balls. Encourage 2 foot gimmes.

·     Rakes have been removed. Smooth out the sand in the bunker with a club or your foot to the best of your ability.

·     No handshakes on 18th green and do not hand over money!

·     Once the round is finished, please exit the facility promptly and travel home safely.

·     Insist on physical distancing using the minimum 2 meter rule on tees, greens and while walking down the fairways and throughout the round. Maintain physical distancing at ALL times while at our property.

·     Please always follow signage and protocols provided to you by any of our employees. 

·     Any players with any symptoms of COVID-19, should not enter any part of the golf facility.

·     If you are unsure please use the self assessment tool provided free online through or through the BC Support App Self assessment tool.

·     Any players from a household with someone with any symptoms of COVID-19 should not enter any part of the golf facility.

·     Any person who is self-isolating as a result of contact with an infected person or in families who are self-isolating, should not enter any part of the golf facility.

·     Any player who has traveled outside of Canada or the province within the last 14 days should self isolate and not leave their home.

To recap

It is imperative that Members and their Guests abide by the above protocols as failure to do so will result in the individual(s) being removed from the facility. We must all become socially responsible for our actions and behaviour so golf can remain open for the enjoyment of all, through these challenging times. 

For further detailed information including self-isolation. CLICK HERE

For self assessing your own health. CLICK HERE

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.