Rules of Golf and Handicapping

Last Updated: 29 October 2020


If you are a member of your club Handicap Committee or passionate to learn more, Golf Canada also offers FREE online Handicap Certification. A series of videos will guide you through the Rules of Handicapping, with a short quiz afterwards that will test your knowledge

 Click here to access the Rules of Handicapping Certification Seminar! 


  Click here to access the Rules of Handicapping Certification Quiz! 

In addition to publishing the Rules of Golf, Golf Canada is committed to training and educating all golfers on the Rules. With the introduction of the Modernized Rules in 2019, Golf Canada adopted the R&A’s Rules Education program, consisting of three-tiers. Level 1 is the introductory level, with separate programming available for those interested in becoming certified at the Provincial and National levels.


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Rules of Handicap

Handicapping & Rules Golf Videos

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