2015/2016 Memberships Available NOW!

Last Updated: 06 March 2015


New this year is the online application form. You fill out the form, and will receive it via email. The older hand filled out form is a thing of the past, and will not be accepted at the Kiosk.  Under the main menu of the website you will see "Membership", put your mouse over top that, and you will see "Join Now".  Click on that and follow the inputs.  Once you have submitted the application, one our membership directors will email you back within a short time with an accepted application. You then print out the form, and bring it to the Naden Kiosk, just like before. 

While you are at the kiosk, dont forget to sign up to CFBEGA's 1st Annual Matchplay.  Its the first time this type of event has been offered, and we are really hoping it will grab hold. It offers a competative enviroment for our golfers, and a great way to meet and play against players you normally wouldn't.   Being a new event for us, we are looking forward to your feedback, as we progress through the matchplay calendar.


Our online application system can be accessed from the websites main menu as listed above, or you can click HERE!