Proposed 2016/2017 Constitution Amemdments

Last Updated: 31 October 2015



The Association Executive reviewed the present Constitution dated 04 February 2014. Recommended changes will be presented to the membership at the AGM on 02 December 2015, The revised Constitution once approved will be dated 02 December 2015.

The following in red are the changes that are requested:

1. Cover Page: date changed to the 02 Dec 2015;

2. Signature page: changed to read “PSP Recreation Manager”;

3. Page A 1/7: date changed to read “02 Dec 2015”;

4. Page A 4/7 Para 8: changed to read;

8. An annual membership fee shall be assessed to each member. Membership fees shall be payable on or before 1 April of the current year and are non-refundable to those who voluntarily leave the Association. The Association fees are as follows:
a) Regular members - thirty five dollars ($35.00) per year;
b) Ordinary members - fifty dollars ($50.00) per year;
c) Associate members - one hundred and twenty five dollars ($125.00) per year;
d) Junior Member of the Regular and Ordinary members 16 years of age and under will have their membership fee waived;

e) Regular, Ordinary and Associate new members Pro-Rated Fees when joining the Association off-season (1 November to 31 March the following year) are as follows:
f) Regular members – ten dollars ($10.00) per year;
g) Ordinary members – eleven dollars ($11.00) per year; and
h) Associate members – fifteen dollars ($15.00) per year.

5. Page B 1/4: date changed to read “02 Dec 2015”.

CPO2 Girard
CFB Esquimalt Golf Association