CFBEGA budget amendment information

Last Updated: 13 May 2016


Therefore, we are hereby asking the membership to amend the 2016/2017 budget to include the aforementioned additional tournament costs. Details of the tournament including eligibility criteria is under review and will be promulgated in due course.

 Budget to be voted on: $5,000.00 to cover part of the costs in hosting the 2 Person Best Ball Tournament

Motion: Daryl Dagneault makes a motion that the 2016/2017 CFBEGA budget is amended to include $5,000.00 in expenditure to subsidize the 2 person best ball tournament to be held at Cowichan Golf and Country Club.

Second:  Steward Jeffery second’s this motion.

Next sequences of events…

1.         This motion is now open for discussion for the next 5 days. Next Tuesday, 10 May 16, unless there are numerous amendments to the motion and further discussions on the subsequent motions, we will put the motion to a vote. We will adjust voting timeline based on the length of ensuing discussions.

2.         If positive feedback, we will send another email for voting with the options, In favour, oppose or abstain. Voting will be open for 5 days after it is distributed to the membership. As per our constitution, this process will not be valid unless 5% of the membership has the opportunity to vote.

3.         Tally the vote.

4.         Announce the result.

5.         If positive result amend the budget and forward to Base Commander for approval.

Mohamed Gudal

CFBEGA President