CFBEGA Budget Amendment Results

Last Updated: 24 May 2016


Email voting ended a week ago, and the results are that 132 members voted in favour of the motion, 18 members voted against the motion, and zero members abstained. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce that the motion is carried. You, the members, have given the executive a strong mandate to make necessary arrangements to host this additional tournament. To that end, I have submitted a memorandum for the approval of the budget amendment. Pending the approval of the budget amendment, some of the details about the tournament are as follows:

● Golf course Cowichan Golf and Country Club
● Date 8 July 2016
● Meal Burgers with vegetarian option
● Prizes included
● Possible registration opening date 30 May 2016

Please mark this date in your calendar and standby for more details. In due course, visit regularly and stay current with this event news, and all other CFBEGA activities.

Happy golfing,
Mohamed Ali Gudal