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Last Updated: 23 February 2019




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Notes from the Exec (Oct 2014)

Last Updated: 05 November 2014

During the October Executive meeting its has been felt acouple of items needed to be addressed.


1)  Golf course memberships:  The support from the local golf courses has been nothing short of amazing.  We have established "Player Agreements", which have allowed us all to play at these courses for a discounted price. The executive highly encourages players to take advantage of these reduced prices, and when you are at the golf course make sure you let them know you are CFBEGA member, and maybe alittle thanks to the Pro.  However, we need to keep playing at courses that we buy memberships at, or CFBEGA might have to pay the course the remainder of the membership at years end.  Currently at Olympic View, use by our membership has been down at this course, and the association may finish "in the red". If you have not been to Olympic View in awhile, maybe this would be a good time!

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Website Rebuilding & More......

Last Updated: 05 November 2014

Welcome to the CFBEGA website!  A lot has changed from the old static website to this new fancy one.  Most of the difference is currently in behind the scenes, but over the next two weeks you should notice some large changes to the site.   The building process of the new website is going to take some time, as the learning curve has been quite steep! But I think I have figured it out and my goal is to add new content to the website daily.  Most of the content will be old information that will be directly stored in "The Archives", but keep coming back to check out new important information.   The Exec has been

Over the next couple of weeks you can expect


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