Road Trip Update June 2, 2021

Last Updated: 02 June 2021

We have received the below message from PSP in regards to making payment.  I followed the listed instructions and had no problem paying for the Trip.  As stated if you don't want to make the payment online PSP staff will start calling people tomorrow with outstanding balances.  If you miss the call from PSP it is YOUR responsibility to reach out to them and get your payment taken care of.


If you can send them this message and let them know that if they would like to go online to pay they are welcome to.  Please note that the link in the email sent to them is incorrect and to use the link in this email ( I will be fixing this ASAP but they already have the email).

“You will be receiving a username and password to your email as you have been signed up for the golf tournament.

You can log into your account at


Once you log on,  you will need to change your password.


You will then click the blue tab labeled “Account”


From there, click the green button on the far left and select pay.


You will need to do this on a browser other than safari.”


Our team will start calling tomorrow for anyone who has an outstanding balance.



Road Trip 2021 Update

Last Updated: 26 May 2021


The Road Trip is scheduled for June 10-12 playing Fairwinds, Storey Creek, and Campbell River Golf Course.  Accommodations at  The Coastal Discovery Hotel in Campbell River

Cost $375

Registration will take place Saturday, May 15 at Colwood Pacific Activity Centre.  A CFBEGA Executive will be there around 730 to take names

Due to current PHO travel restrictions, we will be making a list to fill the trip but will not be accepting payment for the trip hoping that Dr. Henry's update after the May long weekend will relax current restrictions.  IF the current restrictions are not relaxed the Road Trip will be canceled.  If the restrictions are relaxed the members that have registered will be contacted to go into CPAC to pay your fees for the Road Trip.  Due to the nature of the trip and sharing accommodations, we can only register pairs of golfers.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept singles and have them room with another single.

Cordova Bay Update

Last Updated: 12 May 2021

Cordova Bay Golf Course is supporting the Association in a different way this year.  They are offering all CFBEGA Members a 50% discount off of their Players Club Membership.  Once you are a member the rates for golf are  $80 and $69 Twilight (after 2:30 PM currently)  You must show your CFBEGA Membership card to get the 50% discount.