Last Updated: 26 February 2020


Registration for CFBEGA membership normally begins on March 1st of each year, and is valid until the end of March the following year. You must re-apply every year, or your membership will not remain valid. Previous membership does not guarantee future membership, and a valid sponsor must be listed for dependents and associate members.  Junior dependents (16 Years and under) will be offered FREE membership as long as their parent/legal guardian is a regular or ordinary member. 

CFBEGA members may join Golf Canada and BCGA and maintain a handicap through online the Golf Canada handicap system. This can be added for an extra fee of $25 with membership application.

To apply for a CFBEGA membership you must:

  1. Fill out the online application (Selectable from the main menu under the memberships tab)
  2. Membership Directors will vet the application for accuracy and email you the approved application form in a timely manner. Usually within 5-10 business days.
  3. Print the approved application form and approved method of payment to the Naden Kiosk.
  4. You will be required to sign a waiver at the kiosk and must do so in person, ie, you cannot sign up another member since they must be there to sign the waiver. (They accept cash/debit/major CC's)
  • Associate members must be accompanied by their Regular/Ordinary member sponsor who is already a member.

That’s it! The kiosk may ask you to sign a waiver form if you are not active military, and will take your photo for your CFBEGA identification card.

CFBEGA has three membership categories:

* Please note dependent is defined as: Spouse, Children under the age of 19 except if they are attending full time education whereas they may be eligible until the age of 24.

  1. Regular membership:
  • Canadian Forces Members: Currently serving Regular and Reserve Forces personnel and their dependents* ;
  • Members of Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF and their dependents*;
  • Veterans (former members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic military training and have been honourably discharged and their dependents*);
  • Cadets.
  1. Ordinary membership:
  • Current DND Public Servant, Staff of NPF, Staff of MFRCs, Staff of DRDC and DCC and their dependents*;
  • Retired DND Public Servants having served for 10 yearsand their dependents*;
  • Serving RCMP and their dependents*;
  • Current-Serving Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant Colonels/Commanders and their dependents*;
  • Former Staff of NPF receiving a pension and their dependents*; and
  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity and their dependents*.
  • Serving Canada Coast Guard and their dependents*.
  • Former Canada Coast Guard in receipt of an annuity and their dependents*.
  1. Associate membership:

Subject to the approval of the Base Commander, any person not specified in subparagraphs 1 or 2 who has some form of business or professional association with DND may be invited to become an associate member. Associate membership shall be for one year with no guarantee of renewal for further one-year term.

The following conditions apply:

Membership applications will be vetted by the CFBEGA executive for eligibility prior to the prospective associate member attending the kiosk to pay their membership fee and having their photo taken for the ID card i.e. the executive will vet/authorize, kiosk issues ID card and takes membership fee.

A sponsor may only sign up 2 Associates per year. *NEW*

  • Associate members must be accompanied by their Regular/Ordinary member sponsor who is already a member

Membership fees for 2020/21 are as follows:

  • Regular Members (military)   - $40.00
  • Ordinary Members (civilian)  - $60.00
  • Associate Members              -$145.00

Golf Canada/BCGA Membership (optional) $25.00 (includes membership, and access to Golf Canada's online handicap system). You must be a member of CFBEGA in order to be eligible. 

2018 CFBEGA Annual General Meeting - AGM

Last Updated: 08 November 2018



Please mark your calendars and attend the upcoming Annual General Meeting. Find out what courses we have next year, listen to ideas about where next years trip may be and enjoy some pizza and wings.

· AGM date and time: Wednesday Dec 12 @1630
· Place: C&POs mess
· Pizza and wings provided
· Those who would like to submit agenda items may contact the Secretary – Brad Alexander.



Last Updated: 28 July 2018




Our handicap director Daryl Dagneault has been nice enough to pass along this information from our local zone 5 BC Golf.


Last Updated: 28 July 2018

The Golf Canada Gold membership program has been piloted and tested in strategic locations over the last couple of years, with a commitment to make it available nationally for the 2018 season. Currently, over 900 member facilities have moved to the Golf Canada Gold membership and are enjoying the additional benefits. The plan for 2019, is to have every member club moved to this enhanced membership program. Stay tuned to future Member Club Insider communications to learn more about each of the benefits. Additional communication will be coming from Golf Canada and the Provincial Associations throughout the summer to all member facilities in preparation for full conversion in 2019.

Learn more about Golf Canada Gold membership at