Memberships 2016

Last Updated: 22 March 2016



Members and Member applicants please be aware that 2016 (April 1 2016 - March 31st 2017) Memberships are not available for approval or renewal until after March 1st 2016. Please do not send in your request prior as we have no way of processing your membership until then. Memberships from now until March 31st 2016 are still available.

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Thanks CFBEGA Executive

Message from the President

Last Updated: 13 May 2016



Dear Friends:

  It gives me great pleasure to assume the duties of the president of CFBEGA. I would like to affirm that I will strive to promote CFBEGA objectives and the game of golf in MARPAC DND community. Furthermore, I wish to express that I will continue on the path of past presidents in maintaining and fostering strong relationships with our partners and local golf communities.

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Facebook Link

Last Updated: 23 February 2019




 CFBEGA Members

Join our Facebook Group and view and share photos, meet new friends and post if you have an opening in your foresome.

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Proposed 2016/2017 Constitution Amemdments

Last Updated: 15 January 2016



The Association Executive reviewed the present Constitution dated 04 February 2014. Recommended changes will be presented to the membership at the AGM on 02 December 2015, The revised Constitution once approved will be dated 02 December 2015.


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