Last Updated: 11 April 2019


Never have we seen a tournament filled up in an hour and a half. The executive met on Tuesday evening and have decided to change the maximum entries from 92 spots to 120 spots. There is a spare list and the final few spots will be filled on a first come basis to the Kiosk.

Please remember as written several times if you are signing people up you must have their membership card with you as well as your own. NO EXCEPTIONS.




Last Updated: 13 March 2019


The 2019 Road Trip has been booked for Whistler BC.
Dates: June 13th-15th 2019 (Thu-Sat)
Location: Whistler BC
Accomodations: Hilton Whistler
Max People: 54 (Bus)

Thu 13th: Whistler Golf Club
Fri 14th: Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club
Sat 15th: Big Sky Golf Club

Price: $495.00 PP

Includes: Bus, Ferry, 2 nights Fairmont Chateau Whistler, 3 rounds of golf, carts.

Registration opens: 11 May 2019


Last Updated: 16 May 2019


Tournament Season is soon to arrive. Again please follow the rules posted on the website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up your group or partner for a tournament you must pay the entry fees in full of everyone being signed up and as well you MUST bring their membership cards into the Kiosk. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your not signed up until your registration is paid in full.

Why you may ask is because members were often on waiting lists and people were signing up their friends before they had joined taking spots away from legit members. This will be monitored closely this year.

Here is the list of upcoming tournaments:

* 2019 Cowichan Classic - (92 players)
REGISTRATION DATE: Monday June 24th 2019 Changed to Tuesday June 25th 2019 to accomodate players in the Base Commanders Tournament
6-6-6 Format
08:00 Shotgun. Registration begins at 07:00

--------------- ------------------ -------------------- -------------------

* 2019 Club Championship (2 day event) - (92 players)
REGISTRATION DATE: Tuesday August 6th 2019
OV and Arbutus Ridge
08:00 Shotgun. Registration begins at 07:00

--------------- ------------------ -------------------- -------------------

* 2019 Fall Fiasco - Highland Pacific (72 players)
REGISTRATION DATE: Monday September 16th 2019
08:00 Shotgun. Registration begins at 07:00


* 2019 Season Opener - Bear Mountain (92 players)
REGISTRATION DATE: Monday April 8th 2019
08:00 Shotgun. Registration begins at 07:00

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Last Updated: 01 March 2019


Everyone Benefits
From $6,000 in Incident Protection to the ability to track an Official Golf Canada Handicap Factor®, Golf Canada Gold has something for everyone.

Bad shots are now pane free.
The only thing worse than an errant shot is one followed by a loud crash. Golf Canada Incident Protection provides relief in the event your ball damages a window on or near the course.
Reimbursement for damage up to $1,000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing the window.

Your drives rock, but your driving not so much?
Golf Canada Incident Protection covers you in the event of an unfortunate, and potentially costly, golf cart accident.
* Coverage for damages up to $2,500
* Simple and straightforward reimbursement process.

More info HERE. Just $25 for CFBEGA Members